Campus Customer Stories

Experience the difference between a customer and a partner.

Joe’s mission is to empower students with easy access to timely resources. Read MCCC Case Study

JBU understood that a student portal should be all about enabling students—which meant involving them every step of the way. Read JBU Case Study

Why rebuild your old portal? See how CCU’s creativity led to better student support. Read CCU Case Study

Redeemer wanted a way to communicate with students without adding to the information overload. Read Redeemer Case Study

Thanks to James, intuitive search plus delegated content management made life a little easier at Wilson College. Read Wilson Case Study

AVC wanted more than a portal. They wanted a way to dynamically present timely information and help their students. Read AVC Case Study

Campus was initially introduced to SRU as a replacement for their older portal, but has since evolved into the next phase. Read Salve Regina University’s case study

Work with a partner who will walk alongside you every step of the way.

“I think the word ‘partnership’ more adequately describes the type of relationship between us and Campus. I think of a partnership as two individuals working toward a shared goal whereas a vendor is much more like ‘Here’s our product. Take it or leave it.’”

“It was important to us that Campus let us move at the pace we wanted to move. The flexibility allowed us to change our pace when we needed to”.

“I remember the first time we met and one of the most important things we discussed was integration. As I relied on our own developer to do some translation for me, I could see the sense of confidence in my developer’s face and the sorts of things he was hearing from Campus. That really made us relax and feel at ease about the integration process.”