Groups connect everyone with relevant people, content, announcements, events, files and conversations.


  • Post links, files, images, videos and polls
  • Label, schedule and save posts
  • Like, comment and tag people to conversations
  • Pin Announcements to the top of a group


Add important information to a group:

  • Group admins and description
  • Contact details (phone, website, email)
  • Location (with Google Maps integration)
  • Office hours / Availability


  • Create, join and manage events
  • Add tickets and create public events
  • Pull events from existing systems


  • Add important files to a group
  • Categorize files into folders
  • Download and share group files

Create groups for schools, campuses, divisions, services, organizations, or whatever else makes sense at your institution.


  • Automatically group students by campus, school, degree, major or any other attribute
  • Suggest groups based on persona so students can find the most relevant people and support
  • Students can discover groups – such as student services, organizations, study groups, mentor programs and more – and join those that interest them
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Prospective Students

  • Securely connect prospective students and their parents with other prospects, student ambassadors and staff
  • Group prospects based on location, academic interests, career aspirations, and more
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  • As students graduate, roll them into alumni groups to keep them connected with the institution and each other
  • Group alumni based on industry, location and degree, while better connecting them with career opportunities, events and continuing education
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Faculty & Staff

  • Whether it’s for interdisciplinary research, a project, or sharing pedagogy, groups help faculty and staff save time and collaborate across silos
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