Tightly integrate existing systems with Campus to create a more powerful, unified portal experience.

Current Integrations


  • Campus connects with your SSO solution to provide one-click access to the tools and systems constituents need to get to
  • Provision users on demand, so no one gets stuck when they first login
  • If you’re looking to replace your SSO solution, Campus has partnered with PortalGuard to provide discounted rates to institutions


  • Provision, update and enrich users via your chosen method, whether that’s API, flat file, CSV or something else 
  • Pass granular roles – freshman, athlete, at-risk, and more – to personalize the user experience 
  • Notify students of important alerts occurring in the SIS such as account holds and upcoming payments
  • Push data to Campus widgets like the Academic Progression and Balances widgets, or use SIS data to create a custom widget
  • Add a Faculty & Staff directory to the Campus Search function by including contact information with employee user data


  • Configure a Courses widget providing SSO to a student’s courses, add class schedules and assessment due dates to a Calendar widget, or use LMS data to build a custom widget
  • Notify students when grades are published, assessments are due, announcements are posted and more

Productivity Suite

Pull constituents’ latest emails and their most recently accessed files into an Office 365 and/or Google Suite widget 

Collaboration & Conferencing

  • Integrate Zoom with Campus to launch calls when posting in groups, creating events or sending messages
  • Microsoft Teams integration coming soon

SMS & Early Alert Systems

  • Push alerts from any SMS or alert system you’re using and display as a Notice in Campus
  • Inversely, you can use Campus’s Notices function to send SMS, push notification and email alerts – it’s up to you


Pull job opportunities from systems like Handshake and display them in the Careers widget

Custom Integrations & Widgets

Leverage the Campus team to develop custom integrations and widgets on your behalf, or get trained and set up to build your own

How does Campus integrate with all these systems? One word – FLOW.

Flow is a separate, proprietary middleware platform that interprets, consolidates, and simplifies data synchronization so you can connect systems in the simplest or most complex, custom patterns.