Connect Your System Data

Don’t let your institution’s systems remain siloed. Flow integrates your system’s data in one place, standardizes it, and makes it shareable across your ecosystem.

More Efficiency, Lower Costs

Simplify the complexity of your ecosystem. Rather than building or maintaining point-to-point integrations, use Flow to exponentially reduce the number of integrations needed between your systems.

Report on What Matters Most

Once your systems are talking to each other, you’re in a position to report on what matters most. Whether you’re looking to mine student success indicators or determine how staff are utilizing your systems, Flow has you covered.

Don’t Go It Alone

The data transformation needed to make sharing between systems possible can be time-consuming; if you need help implementing Flow, we can train your team or deploy our specialists to connect and report on your data, so you can focus on critical business functions.

Why Flow for Higher Ed?

Purpose Built

Unlike generalist players (Mulesoft, Dell Boomi, etc), Flow is built specifically for Higher Ed. By developing connectors for Higher Ed systems, many of their idiosyncrasies are handled out-of-the-box.


Higher Ed is full of complex rules with data flowing in all sorts of directions, making it important to see how your data moves when it’s transferred from one system to another, and what happened when it moved.


You own the data, so you should own the behavior too. This means managing synchronizations at your convenience, tweaking logic when your data rules change, and more. Flow puts the flexibility in your hands.


Current FLOW connectors with more on the way each day – let us know what we’re missing.