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Standard implementation included, on average deployed in 10 weeks, 95% year over year retention ratio–all our customers work with a dedicated, onshore Partner Success Rep. Our pricing is truly WYSIWYG, with none of the hidden costs of on prem self-hosted portals.

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Students and Staff

Students and staff can easily access Campus on any device, configured and personalized based on role, receiving key communications via push notification or any channel you choose.


Campus focuses solely on the student portal and the experience people have using this critical piece of digital infrastructure.  We put portal first, and have a growing network of technology partnerships for the things others do better.

A Huge Leap Forward

Critical Digital Infrastructure During Covid

We aren’t your average legacy link-farm vendor where the portal’s an afterthought. Campus combines traditional portal features in a modern UI, while layering in enhanced communication, connectivity, and search capabilities that drive institutional effectiveness. We’re the only portal first company with a proprietary middleware layer–meaning we can integrate with anything.


Mobile and Web Parity — in the Cloud

A modern user experience isn’t complicated, yet somehow close to 50% of North American institutions maintain installed student portals with disconnected link farms and mobile apps, resulting in absurdly low adoption and usage rates.  Campus delivers parity on any device, increasing user’s ability to navigate and access the entire institutional digital ecosystem.  Say goodbye to time-consuming system upgrades, while providing a single enterprise-wide launching point–a digital representation of your campus.  

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Your Customers (Students) Expect (Deserve) It​

One of the main reasons for the terrible user experience most portals provide is a total lack of personalization–everyone has the same diluted view into vital content and resources.  Campus inverts this philosophy by surfacing the right information to the right people using roles already created in your SIS or ERP.  Focus relevant, personalized communications and content to save time and drive adoption.  Make your portal a resource, not a treasure map.


Building Institutional Community — Digitally​

Maintaining and building your school’s community has never been more important, and guess what?  There’s no better forum for this than the first and last application students use each day–the digital representation of your campus.  Email, traditional social networks operating outside your institution’s scope, and flyers on bulletin boards are no longer sufficient.  Campus provides groups, departments, and your entire community a place to gather, communicate, and meet virtually.  Embracing and facilitating digital community is one of the main ways our partners differentiate. 

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If You Can’t Search For It, It Doesn’t Exist

So said Jimmy Wales, co-founder of Wikipedia.  And so it goes for your student portal’s search capabilities.  These are often non-existant or leave much to be desired with traditional legacy portals.  Campus provides students, administrators and faculty the ability to quickly search the entire institutional digital universe.  Providing easy access to the content, people, resources, and technology people need is the entire basis for a portal–Campus makes this happen.  


A Single Hub to Stay on Task​

It’s estimated more than 90% of college students have smartphones, yet very few institutions provide them a single place to view and execute tasks and notifications.  Campus delivers this experience.  Integrate your SIS, LMS or any other system to push personalized alerts, assignments, and to-dos to the right people at the right time.  Whether created in app or pulled in from other key systems, providing students a trackable and consolidated view of what they need to do each day delivers enormous value and opportunity.  

It’s Time to Upgrade Your Portal with Campus