A student portal with measurable value

Unlike traditional student portals, Campus provides a connected, contemporary experience that spans the student lifecycle and serves your recruitment, success and fundraising efforts.

Span the student lifecycle

The Campus platform offers admissions, student and advancement solutions, so your institution can provide a single, unified portal experience across the student lifecycle.

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Bridge university silos

Connect schools, campuses and divisions in one place to enhance community, communication and operational efficiency.


Unify tools and systems

Save everyone time and keep them up-to-date by providing SSO access to existing tools and systems, and pulling important updates from core systems as they occur.


Build community

Enable everyone to connect and collaborate across the institution - building community and enhancing support.


A connected student is a persisting student

Mark Milliron, Ph.D.

Co-Founder & Chief Learning Officer
Civitas Learning

Mark milliron

Enhance communication

The Campus platform complements email and makes it easier for university staff to reach students with relevant and important communications.


Campus increased views of critical communications from 19% to 67%

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Personalize the experience

Create endless personas to connect each user with the right resources and people, at the right time.

Capture new data, act faster

Augment student success and risk profiles with tangible engagement data, so you can intervene faster and retain more students.

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