Information Technology

Campus is a modern student portal (or “digital campus”) that connects your constituents with relevant systems, people, information, notices and tasks in one place.

I.T. leaders rate effectiveness of student portals 2.77 out of 5

2018 TDX Higher Ed Study

Outdated student portals

Traditional portals fail to meet modern student expectations and do little to help an institution solve its key problems.

Return on investment

By connecting students, staff and faculty with everyone and everything most important to their success, Campus has been shown to improve communication, engagement, experience, retention, and more.

55% weekly logins
97% weekly logins

*Reported by Campus university partner

Integrate systems and sites

Provide single-sign-on access to existing systems, while tightly integrating those systems with Campus to create a powerful, unified student experience.

Enhance communication

The Campus platform complements email; making it easier for staff to reach students with relevant and important communications.

Our first major step towards creating one Saint Leo

Dr. Jeff Borden

Former Chief Innovation Officer,
Saint Leo University

Joined Campus after implementing
platform at Saint Leo

Highly configurable

Brand Campus, configure what users can see and do, embed other systems and webpages, create customized widgets and more.

Hosted, updated & available

As a cloud-hosted SaaS platform, Campus is continuously maintained and updated, and practically always available

Enterprise security

Campus follows industry-leading security processes in terms of security patching, authentication, protocol and sessions security, data access, backup and recovery, and physical data security.